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Brandon Scott is a Bilingual Television and Film Personality. Actor, Comedian, Musician, Journalist, Public Speaker, Master of Ceremonies and well known Stage Magician, Mentalist and Illusionist.
As a filmmaker and creative producer, Brandon works with many screenwriters, directors and production companies developing films and television shows in both English and Spanish. As the "Wizard of Time", Brandon interweaves storytelling with magic, sketch comedy, improvisation and optical illusions in subjects ranging from Quantum Physics, Multi-- Cultural humor, Metaphysics and plain old fun for the sake of fun.

He has performed all over the world entertaining thousands of audiences, royalty and celebrities. Brandon is also an accomplished actor and television personality in both English and Spanish Television. He has been the spokesperson for dozens of commercials, a series regular on numerous television shows as well as staring and co-staring in several films. Brandon currently travels all over the world performing magic and comedy at Casino Resorts , Corporate Conventions , Theatres and VIP events. He has appeared at the Hollywood Bowl, The Universal Amphitheater, Disneyland, the main room at Caesars Palace, and is a regular at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, The DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE DISNEY CHANNEL, TELEMUNDO, GALAVISION, UNIVISION and on the BBC.

There is no limit to comedy magician, Brandon Scott s willingness to go way “Out of the Box” when it comes to having fun and making people laugh.
Brandon travels the world performing comedy and magic, and specializes in Spoof Put-On's for his corporate and celebrity clients. On one occasion he showed up as Director of Decorum for a major groceries store chain in Southern California, where he proceeded to train cashiers to tap dance while they ring up charges and then instructed paper bag attendants that from now on when they go help clients load their groceries in their cars they would also be rotating their tires and giving foot massages.

All good natured put-on's that companies hire Brandon to both have fun and communicate company messaged and incentives. But sometimes things can get a bit edgy. Recently he showed up at Bob Morris' Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu, California in a slick black stretch limo, dressed up as an Arab oil tycoon demanding everyone vacate the premises, he had bought the entire beach and everything on it. Bob, who was completely taken by surprise was not going to let anyone take over his famous establishment and almost decked Brandon.
Of course this was only a very expensive Happy Birthday Spoof set up by friends of Bob Morris, the real owner of the Paradise Cove, who couldn't stop laughing once he realized he had been punked.

Also known as the International Children's Peace Ambassador, Brandon gives workshops to children and teenagers on how to resolve conflict, enhance self esteem and how to apply their academic studies in their life. His children's education and music video "The Magic of Martial Arts" has been awarded to be one of the best children's video DVD's, teaching kids self defense and the power of non violence.
Brandon Scott is a Consultant to various Paranormal and UFO Investigators and Researchers, who utilize his knowledge of magic and illusion to help determine whether a phenomena or claim is real or a hoax. He has conducted several investigations , produced documentaries, and appeared on radio shows on subjects dealing with UFOs, Aliens, Time Travel and Paranormal Phenomena. He is the host of a cyber-radio and cable television show called "Out There" dealing with unusual and paranormal investigations. Recently he starred in "Alien Secrets" a feature film UFO parody loosely based on his journals.

Brandon's wish is that generations to come will have a lush and abounding rain forest all over the world. He is passionate about saving the trees and animals on our planet.

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